Gonzalo Cienfuegos

Born in Santiago de Chile, Gonzalo Cienfuegos studied art and architecture at the Universidad Católica. During the 70’s he studied and worked in Mexico City; when he returned to Chile, he became professor at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Católica, a position held until today. Using the techniques of oil on canvas and other resources such as drawing, printmaking and sculpture, he carries out an artistic production that is known for turning around the human figure, and continually cites the important works of world art history, he appropriates it’s icons, and the technical procedures and gestures of other artists. He has received, among others, the Critics Circle Award for Art (1979), and First Prize in Drawing, Second Biennial of Maldonado, Uruguay (1980). He has had solo exhibitions in Chile and in Argentina, Brazil, France, Mexico and USA.