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They don edit their wardrobe basis what happening around the world, they edit in accordance with their needs and their present focus mind, body or lifestyle. There is a kind of democracy in fashion today. The new consumer is self aware, well travelled, they are meeting new people and are conscious of their respective personalities […]

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The Apple iPod Touch 64GB 4th generation will be the most up to date style of the apple ipod touch introduced by Apple around September 2010, only Ninety days following the apple iphone 4 was released. It comes in 3 full capacity sizes of 8 gb, 32GB, as well as 64GB being the most significant. […]

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Jorge Tacla inaugura exposición en Washington


AMA | Art Museum of the Americas, in partnership with the Embassy of Chile in Washington, the Permanent Mission of Chile to the OAS, and the Cristin Tierney Gallery of New York, present Hidden Identities by Chilean artist Jorge Tacla and curated by Maria José Bunster Baeza. With the earliest works in the series dating […]

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