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The affirmation of the company’s ratings was based upon its historically better than average profitability, produced primarily by underwriting income and realized capital gains supplementing net investment income. In addition, the company has an expertise in providing general liability, pollution liability and limited service and repair liability insurance coverage to franchisees of Servpro Industries, Inc. […]

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Emma Malig inaugura este 9 de Noviembre la exposición colectiva Frontières en el Museo de la Imigracion en París. La exposición Fronteras propone explorar los problemas de inmigración en el mundo contemporáneo, particularmente en Europa y Francia, para mostrar cómo las fronteras, lejos de desvanecerse largo de los siglos, se han vuelto más complejas y […]

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The remains were found face down in sediment and alluvial deposits that were 8,000 10,000 years old. It is believed he may have been deposited in the lake and sunk down into the mud. He was found near the remains of 5 mammoths as well as the remains of obsidian flake spear points, which may […]

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