” Physician assistants overruled using duct tape over the


Canada Goose Jackets Families of hostages go through hell, plain and simple. These families deserve the compassion and respect of our entire nation. My administration is going to leave off the table no lawful options at getting our people back. “CIA Director Gina Haspel, who was involved in supervising a secret CIA detention site in […]

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Yeah his work is dope! I usually shot park/freeride stuff with


Canada Goose Outlet They what we pay to live in a decent place where we feel safe and can get help when we need it.If you drive on roads, depend on police to keep your neighbourhood safe, have ever gone to public school, been treated at a hospital, or used a public library, you have […]

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My mom was a pretty die hard


canada goose clearance sale A lot of paintballers will refer to the pewpewpew things as “paintball markers” so it sounds less hardcore. But in my team we just call them paintball guns. He forgot to switch up his lingo at the check in counter, referred to them as his paintball guns, and was delayed […]

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